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This only contains the Malevolence half of the split - we have no permission to give away the Backyard Burial side.

Sometimes I Have To Cut You (Just So I Feel Something)


Beautiful Turmoil

Clones (We're All)

Lullaby/Futilistic (Live)


Who Saw Him Die?



World Police

Passing Monster


Dreams Of Trevor

It Is Now Safe (To Turn Off Your Computer)

I'm The One

I Hate

Suburban Execution

Don't Do Me Like Daddy Does

It Is Now Safe Demo

Futilstic Demo

Leukwarmia Demo

Prime Mover Hidden Bonus Track

Too Slow To Die


I'm The One

Vampire's Kiss

Blut Und Liebe

Suburban Execution

The Cage (Of The Insane)

Riding On The Bus Intro

Riding On The Bus

Fuck The Lord 99



Fuck The Lord 95

Taste For Cold Flesh

Blood Dreams