Malevolence is one of New Zealand’s longest standing purveyors of Metal and Grind. Through extensive touring and numerous releases the band has achieved a reputation not only for its unique style but also as an engaging live act.

Formed in 1992, Malevolence has hit the road with bands such as American Legends-Brutal Truth and DRI, Swedish Leviathans-Dismember, Grind Gods-Napalm Death, Finland’s Impaled Nazerene, Australia’s BloodDuster, Misery and Atomizer, Austria’s Pungent Stench, and Primate & Midnight from the USA, plus many local acts. The band has also appeared at major NZ metal festivals such as Christchurch’s Satanfest, Wellington’s Punkfest, Capital Punishment, Scumfest & Hellington666, Auckland’s Audience with the Devil, Mammoth Metalfest and Fangfest.

Releases started in 1993 and 1994 with demo tapes, progressing to the first CD, Almost Like Something Completely Sinister in 1998. A string of releases followed including Windows 666 (2004), Eyes To See Ears To Hear Wrists To Slit (2006) and Split CD Grinding Aotearoa (2008) as well as numerous compilations. 2014 sees the release of "Relentless Entropy" the first full length for a number of years, showcasing the band's devastating live barrage as never before.

The current line-up entering its tenth year is a well-oiled machine with 2 tours of Australia, 2 EPs, and in excess of 80 local shows under their belts.

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