1992 - Mortum Ad Nausea - DIY Cassette Release - Limited to 100 Copies

Side A:

Ash Wednesday, Mother Death, The Loser, Fuck*

Side B:

Darkness, Devil You Know**, Vampire's Kiss

All Songs © 1992 Daryl Tapsell except * By Bruce Mutch and ** By Dean Stolpmann

Recorded by Daryl Tapsell on a Fostex 4-track over 6 weekends in 1992

Cover Art by Dean Stolpmann

Guitar/Vocals - Daryl Tapsell

Lead Guitar - Craig Bassett

Bass - Dean Stolpmann

Drums - Bruce Mutch


1995 - Fuck The Lord - DIY Cassette Release

Programme Repeated Both Sides

Fuck The Lord, Blood Dreams, Taste For Cold Flesh

All Songs © 1994 Daryl Tapsell

Recorded by Tegal at Newmarket Primary School, Mixed by Tegal and Malevolence at "The Chicken Farm" 1995

Cover Art by Jeff Harness

Guitar/Vocals - Daryl Tapsell

Drums - Bruce Mutch

Bass/Backing Vocals - Julian Price

Lead Guitar - Chris Walter